About Me

Hi! I'm Lenka.

My aim in food photography is to let food shine in it's best light, showing off its natural beauty in a sense-awakening way, creating an emotional response of desire in the viewer. I love to buy, prepare and share seasonal and local food and can't avoid pleasure sounds when eating something good. 

Can I help you?

I create oustanding food photography for restaurants, magazines, brands and books. 

Through my life-long passion for food, combined with my background in  psychology and neuroscience I can grasp the vision of my clients and translate it into images that evoke a response of desire in the viewer - the desire to try the food and to belong to the food scene that is represented. 

Food is love, self-care, community and sharing. It’s omnipresent in our lives and weaves through our histories, which is why I love telling stories around food with my images. I aim at creating photos that evoke all of our senses - creating a holistic experience. I focus on an organic, sometimes rustic look and mostly natural light to let the intrinsic beauty of food shine.

A few words about me

As the wolf in a book that my kids own, every time I finish a meal I start thinking about the next. And while I'm totally in for the occasional sugary and buttery temptation, I keep my every day choices healthy and centred around seasonal and local whole food. Want to know more? Have a look at my food blog, Can Caramelo

I’ve not always been a food photographer, I’ve been a waitress and an au-pair, I’ve taught some swing dancing, I made jewellery, studied Psychology, taught University classes, travelled the world and got a PhD in Neuroscience. But food photography feels like home, it unites my passions for food, being creative and master technique. 

When I’m not shopping for ingredients, cooking, setting up a food scene or shooting, you can find me playing with my kids, at a café or bar chatting with a friend, cycling, running or swimming, reading a good book or weeding my vegetable garden. 

Let's get in touch!

If you'd like to hire me, enquire about my rates or give me feedback of any kind, I'll be delighted to hear from you

I'm hanging out a lot on instagram, and will answer all your questions through a DM if that is more practical for you!

If you want to learn how to create a super natural look using just one flash in food photography, I created a free guide that walks you through all the steps and gear to get you confidently started. Interested? Get your copy here

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